Watch this Rescue Husky Melt at the First Good Brushing She’s Had in Forever

A bittersweet video of a mama husky rescued in Ukraine has surfaced, and when you’re done drying your eyes from the sad story behind her rescue, your heart will puddle when you see how happy she is to get a really good brushing!

rescue husky
Photo: YouTube/@lovefurryfriends

The video comes from @lovefurryfriends on YouTube. They’re a small rescue group made up of local citizenry that accepts donations so that they can continue their valuable work of saving pets from dismal futures in war-torn Ukraine. The group is often notified of heartbreaking situations involving stray and abandoned animals since Russia’s invasion.

husky in kennel
Photo: YouTube/@lovefurryfriends

That was the case with the mama husky who was reported to be living on the streets in a small village while she was pregnant. The group tried to find her on a couple of occasions, but the weather was bad, and they could find no trace of her. On the third try, they were fortunate enough to find her on the side of the road.

Photo: YouTube/@lovefurryfriends

Sadly, she had given birth two days earlier, and locals were said to have drowned all nine of her puppies so that they did not end up on the streets like their mother. Lost and abandoned animals have become a sad consequence of the devastating fighting going on there. Undeterred, the gals from @lovefurryfriends decided to take the dog with them in order to try to give her a better life.

husky at groomer
Photo: YouTube/@lovefurryfriends

Understandably confused and bereft over the disappearance of her babies, she was still quite friendly towards humans and allowed herself to be loaded into a kennel for safe transport. Perhaps she instinctively knew her puppies weren’t coming back and that the two women were there to help her.

husky grooming
Photo: YouTube/@lovefurryfriends

First, there was a vet visit to determine the state of her health. Because she had just given birth, she was lactating heavily, so they gave her some medication to cease production and ease the discomfort she must have been experiencing with no way to express her milk. They also formed the opinion that she was only about 2 years old.

Photo: YouTube/@lovefurryfriends

It wasn’t long before the animal, which they named Layla, was taken to a groomer for a thorough brushing and a bath. This is where we get to see just how happy she is to have someone tend to and pamper her in a way she probably hasn’t experienced before. As the groomer gets busy and starts to remove combful after combful of hair, you can see Layla really starting to lean into it.

husky napping
Photo: YouTube/@lovefurryfriends

Huskies are double-coated breeds that require regular grooming. Removing all of that build-up during warmer months must feel heavenly to them, and Layla wasn’t shy about showing it. To see the pure joy on her smiling face for yourself, check out the touching video below.

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