Watch Rescue Foxes Enjoy A Pile Of Autumn Leaves

From the time that we were little children, many of us enjoyed raking leaves and jumping into the pile. It was even better when we didn’t have to rake the leaves in the first place!

If you spend any amount of time watching videos online, you have also likely run across dogs and perhaps others who have enjoyed this pastime as well. Thanks to the unique and now viral pictures below, you can add foxes to the mix.

The pictures came from Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary in the United Kingdom, and they are too adorable to ignore. You can clearly see foxes that are having the time of their lives enjoying a pile of leaves. Perhaps what is best is the fact that they didn’t have to rake them because some children gathered the leaves for them.

The leaves were donated by Little Rainbows at Church House Nursery and Fylingdales Pre-School. As the autumn leaves fell, the children would gather them up at the nursery and put them into bags. They then gave them to the rescue, hoping that the foxes would have some fun.

It’s easy to see that they had more fun than anybody could have expected. They started out by becoming familiar with the piles but before long, they were jumping in headfirst. The smiles on their faces were unmistakable

As it turns out, the foxes didn’t only see them as an opportunity to play. Ruby also decided that they were the perfect place to take a nap.

Beau is another fox that loves throwing himself into the leaves over and over again all day long. They even shared a video of Beau, showing how much fun he was having.

Some of the foxes at the sanctuary are not able to be released in the wild, either because of health problems or because they are too comfortable with humans.

In the end, they were thankful for what the children did.

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