Nervous Rescue Fox Pup Feels Grass For The Very First Time

To many people, the idea of supporting the fur industry is a thing of the past. The sad reality is that there are still hundreds of fur farms alive and thriving in the United States today, including fox fur farms.

The fox rescue Save A Fox is working to educate the public on the realities of fox fur farms, while rescuing and housing foxes that survive the industry.

Photo: YouTube/SaveAFox

Recently, they took in several fox pups that were saved from a fur farm after their mom destroyed their fur.

They shared in a Facebook post that the pups’ mom chewed their tails off out of stress, but it’s actually what saved their lives. The pups were deemed unprofitable, Save A Fox was able to step in and save them.

Prior to their rescue, the fox pups had lived in a tiny, dark cage and had never experienced the joys of being a fox, like running freely through the grass.

Thankfully, the rescue filmed as various tiny rescue fox pups got to experience both the grass and meeting other rescue foxes for the first time.

Photo: YouTube/SaveAFox

In one video, the rescue shared a particularly nervous pup who was unsure what to think about being outside.

The rescuer placed her gently in the grass and she got to experience freedom! She was notable nervous, but as soon as she met other rescue foxes, adult foxes Floofala and Serafina, her worries disappeard.

Photo: YouTube/SaveAFox

She began to run and play and enjoy life! It’s really something special to see.

She, along with the other fox pups, have been placed with various fox-specific rescues throughout the country so they can continue to get the care and love that they need to thrive.

Check out the video below:

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