Tiny Rescue Fox Saved From A Fur Farm Tastes Freedom For The First Time

While fur is on the decline in many circles due to the cruelty caused to animals, there are sadly still fur farms alive and thriving today.

One fox rescue, SaveAFox, regularly saves foxes from fur farms and they recently welcomed a litter of five pups!

Photo: Pexels/Brett Sayles

The rescue shared on Facebook that the pups’ mom was at the fur farm and she was so stressed that she chewed their tails off.

Amazingly, it was losing their tails that saved their lives. The fur farm decided the pups were worthless because their fur was ruined, so SaveAFox was able to step in and save them.

They shared a video of one of the foxes, Kestryl, getting her first taste of freedom and it’s so cute!

The tiny pup gets to wander in grass for the very first time and she even meets some other foxes!

In an update video, you can see Kestryl settled in quite nicely with her fellow fox friends.

Thankfully, Kestryl was able to find a forever home with the Clevyr Creatures Fox Sanctuary.

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