Rescue Elephant With Missing Foot Gets Fitted For A Prosthetic

A rescue Asian elephant with a missing foot is walking on all fours again thanks to a prosthetic designed just for him.

27-year-old Cam Whitnall lives and works at his family’s zoo and sanctuary in England, the Paradise Wildlife Park, where the elephant, Chhouk, was rehabilitated as a baby.

Photo: YouTube/Cam Whitnall

According to The Independent, Chhouk was rescued from the Srepok Wilderness Area in Mondulkiri when he was a baby back in 2007.

The poor thing had been trapped in a snare and lost his foot as a result. He was transferred to the Paradise Wildlife Park for rehabilitation and care.

Photo: YouTube/Cam Whitnall

Now, over a decade later, Chhouk is thriving and he can walk on all four feet again!

Cam shared a video of Chhouk being fitted for and walking with his new prosthetic foot.

Photo: YouTube/Cam Whitnall

According to The Independent, Cam said, “It’s a really special moment, to see what we’re helping to conserve and help, not just Chhouk but all over the world. It’s the best feeling in the world to help animals. The level of care that he gets is brilliant and he has a great life now. There’s no better feeling.”

He added that Chhouk’s prosthetic costs over $1,280 per year to main and weighs around 44 pounds (20kg). Despite the extra costs and care it requires, they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Check out the video below:

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