Ducks Abandoned In Pond Fall In Love At Rescue And Get Adopted Together

When two abandoned ducks ended up at a rescue together, it wasn’t long before they bonded and fell in love. Eventually, they were adopted and the best part is that they found a forever home together!

The animal rescue group Wasatch Wanderers rescues abandoned pet waterfowl.


As sad as it is, some people adopt ducks as pets and then dump them in ponds when they no longer want to care for them. Ducks can be incredibly sweet pets, but they’re messy and require effort and love. When raised as pets, ducks may not know how to survive on their own if they’re dumped in the wild and abandoned.

That’s where the Wasatch Wanderers come in. A few years ago, they received a call about a domesticated duck that was abandoned in a pond at Brigham Young University. They named the duck Puddles and welcomed him into their rescue, but Puddles didn’t come alone. He brought his partner, Jerry, with him to the rescue.

The rescue shared about them on Facebook, saying, “Puddles and Jerry had the most romantic love story of two ducks ever.”

In an interview with KSL, Adison Smith of Wasatch Wanderers explained:

“Puddles had a mate for several years at the BYU duck pond, and he was so sweet to her. He never over-mated her. He always wanted to be by her. I’ve never seen a duck relationship like Puddles and Jerry. Most male ducks are hormonal and are aggressive with the females. He never did that with Jerry. He was always such a gentleman.”

Sadly, Jerry passed away and Puddles was devastated. He openly mourned her, but his grief didn’t last long because he was introduced to Gompers, a fellow Pekin duck that was abandoned in a pond.

Smith told KSL, “They both had a rough start and were illegally abandoned. Now Puddles and Gompers are best friends.”

Though Gompers and Puddles had a rough start to life, their story is a happy one. In the end, they were adopted together and found a forever home at Hoof & Feather Co.

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