Rescue Dog Watched As Her Puppies Found Loving Homes But She Is Still Waiting For One Years Later

No matter the species, it is hard for a mother to watch her babies leave – but being left behind is just as hard.

On a rainy day in the Bahamas, a sweet dog named Valentina gave birth to 12 puppies on a dirty mattress. She did her best to care for her babies, but the wet environment and poor conditions led to all of the puppies developing pneumonia.

Chella, founder of Voiceless Dogs of Nassau Bahamas, convinced the owners to surrender Valentina and offered to purchase the puppies when they refused to surrender them.

Mama and her puppies were rescued and received the medical care they desperately needed. Once the puppies recovered and were of age, they were adopted to loving families.

Valentina watched as her puppies left one by one and missed them dearly.

“Valentina waited by the gates of the refuge for her babies, day and night, in the sun and rain,” shared Chella.

Following that heartbreak, she endured another hardship.

For three years Valentina was overlooked at the Nassau refuge. Chella works with animal rescues in the United States to transport some of the rescued dogs so they can find loving homes. Sadly, the islands are full of stray dogs that are malnourished and mistreated.

It takes a village…

Jennifer Brooks, co-founder of NYC Second Chance Rescue, told her friend Chella that she would take Valentina to New York and give her a second chance.

But the 6-year-old Labrador retriever mix is still waiting for a forever home.

Thankfully, she is in a loving foster home in Brooklyn as she waits for her person to come forward.

Valentina is such a sweetheart that her foster dad and staff don’t understand why she hasn’t been adopted. Aside from giving “big bear hugs”, she is affectionate, playful, goofy, and great with other dogs. She checks all the boxes of a good girl including walking nice on a leash.

She just wants to be around her family at all times. Don’t let her size fool you, she is a couch-potato and will be the best friend you ever had.

The rescue is determined to find her a loving home and said, “She is a very SPECIAL dog and we will not stop shouting it from the rooftops until she is HOME.”

Anyone interested in adopting her can reach out to NYCSCR for more information. The New York animal rescue focuses on rescuing at-risk dogs from kill shelters and finding them loving homes. They started out small in 2009 but this year alone they have saved over 13,000 dogs and cats.

As the rescue states, “Love is no small thing, so love large.” Animal shelters are struggling as intakes increase and adopters decrease.

Jennifer told us, “Every single shelter in the country is begging as dogs are lined up in the hallways in crates. It’s just a really, really bad time.”

Share Valentina’s story and help her find the happy ending she deserves.

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