Woman Credits Rescue Dog For Saving Her Life After He “Sniffed Out” Her Cancer

45-year-old Lucy Giles is crediting her life to her rescue dog after he helped detect a cancerous lump under her armpit.

Giles welcomed Brody into her Didcot, Oxfordshire home back in July of 2021. Her partner was suffering from COVID and had spent months in the hospital, so Giles felt it was a good time to welcome home a rescue dog.

She adopted a 150lb Newfoundland dog named Brody.

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“I rescued him and he rescued me,” Giles said in an interview.

Two months after getting Brody, Giles noticed something strange. The dog would always nudge her under her armpit in the same spot. He’d nuzzle and sniff that spot under her armpit, but Giles didn’t think too much about it.

Photo: YouTube/The Independent

However, the pup was so persistent with nudging her in that same spot that she decided to check it out. While taking a shower, she began to feel around and that’s when she noticed it – a lump – right where Brody had been nuzzling.

She credits the dog for “sniffing out” her cancer and saving her life.

Photo: YouTube/The Independent

According to The Mirror, Giles underwent six rounds of chemotherapy, a lumpectomy, and radiotherapy afterwards. Her treatment isn’t complete yet, but she has the chance to keep fighting to be cancer-free all thanks to Brody and his help in detecting it.

Check out the interview below:

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