Man Witnesses Truck Driver Dumping Dog On Road Late At Night And Stops To Rescue Her

Driving home from work one night, a man noticed brake lights ahead and slowed down. A semi-truck was stopped in the middle of the road and as the man approached, he noticed something white in the road.

He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the truck driver dump a black and white dog in the road and then drive away as the dog chased after the vehicle.

He immediately pulled over and rescued the dog.

The man posted a video of the rescue on TikTok under username Qualekk with the caption, “There are shitty people out there. I refuse to be one of them.”

@qualekk There are shitty people out there. I refuse to be one of them. #dog #dogrescue #animal #animals #truck #puppy #love #doglover #animalrescue #feelgood #wholesome ♬ original sound – Qualekk

The dog was nervous and afraid. She was whining but came right up to her rescuer. He said, “I did my best to calm and reassure her, but she was understandably not happy. She kept licking my face as I drove her home.”

Maggie, as she is now called, was brought to a vet where she was treated for hookworms and had multiple ticks removed. She instantly became friends with the couple’s 11-month-old daughter and their chocolate lab named Zoey.

@qualekk they play sometimes. Zoey still getting used to learning how to play with another dog being she wasn’t around too many. she growls a lot, but she’s playing. #wholesome #shelterdog #animals #dogrescue #dog #puppy #doglover #dad #dogtok #pettok #pet ♬ original sound – Qualekk

What started off as a terrible event ended with the sweet dog finding her forever family.

She is being spoiled (as she should be) with a new bed, toys, and unconditional love. A DNA test revealed she is a pit bull/beagle mix and her dad was just as shocked as others. Most people thought she was part Dalmatian, but she is 100% good girl.

She has acquired quite the following and her fans asked for her new family to make an Amazon Wishlist so they could send her gifts. People were so generous that the family shared that they donated the extra supplies to the vet that helped Maggie and local rescues.

@qualekk First round of donations is done! thanks everyone for their help. I’ll keep updating the list as more happens. #shelterdog #dogtok #pettok #pet #doglover #dogrescue #animals #wholesome #dog #puppy #vet #veterinarian #vettech ♬ original sound – Qualekk

Keep updated on Maggie by following her on Instagram and TikTok.

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