Abused Dog Gets A New Lease On Life When She Meets Other Rescue Dogs

When we see strays or hear about the difficult conditions they find themselves in, our hearts really go out to them.

We are often moved to do whatever we can to help, although most of us are limited in our abilities.

Undoubtedly, you will feel something similar when you hear about the golden retriever named Lucy.

Photo: YouTube/The Asher House

When she showed up in somebody’s backyard, she was in such bad shape that she couldn’t even eat hard dog food.

They could tell that she had been bred hard, but there was someone who cared enough to do something to help. That someone was the homeowner who contacted The Asher House, and they came out to rescue Lucy.

Photo: YouTube/The Asher House

It was obvious at first sight that Lucy had just had a litter of puppies. She had also been abused, as was evident from the scars on her head. They think that she was probably at a puppy mill, but now she was a stray.

One thing was certain, Lucy had been traumatized by her experiences, and the abuse must have been painful. Lee Asher, the owner of The Asher House, realized that Lucy had been through a difficult time and was upset about it.

Photo: YouTube/The Asher House

You could tell that Lucy had all but given up on life. Lee, however, knew that it was possible to make her feel okay again. He introduced her to the pack of rescue dogs he had under his care, and things began to look up.

Check out the video below:

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