Ever Heard of an Adoptaversary Cake? Fur Mom Bakes to Celebrate Beloved Dog’s Adoption Day!

Baking is one of the best hobbies in the world. Many people around the world have even made a career out of it!

There are many benefits in learning this skill, and those are aside from being able to provide your family with yummy treats and gifts. Baking is a marvelous way to exercise your body and mind. It also enhances your senses and imagination as you invent new recipes.

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Here are the reasons why baking makes you happier, according to Spoon University:

  • You’re given a set of instructions. As you follow these science-based instructions, you develop more patience and concentration. And when you’re able to bake something really good from the effort, it gives you a sense of accomplishment that makes you glow for a long while.
  • You make all the calls. You’re the one who’s in complete control of everything when baking. You may follow instructions precisely or make changes to flavors, ingredients, measurements, etc. as you want them.
  • Photo: YouTube/The Dodo
  • Your creativity levels up. There’s no limit to your imagination as to how you want to bake and decorate the foods you’ve been dreaming of. You can try new ingredients, new methods, and new recipes, and no one’s there to stop you. You’re the baker, and you’re the judge. And it’s up to you how “far” you want baking knowledge and skills to take you.
  • Baking relieves stress and fights off depression. Baking is good for our mental health. By getting your body and mind occupied and enjoying a sense of accomplishment when the task is done, you’re able to fight off negative thoughts and emotions, including stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • You feel the priceless joy of giving. When you share your baked goods with loved ones, neighbors, and even strangers who are in need, you experience this kind of happiness that’s beyond words to describe. You’re sharing something that you’ve worked hard to create, and what you’re giving away wholeheartedly feels like a million dollars.
Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

For this young woman named Kenzie, she’s found that happiness in an overflowing measure. She bakes goodies for her dogs, and she’s also saved a dog with a life-threatening sickness.

This rescue dog is Rhya, who underwent surgery due to the excessive fluid inside her body. After the operation, Kenzie realized that Rhya was too underweight. What was worse, the vet told her that Rhya might not live long even after the surgery, because her health was so poor.

Nevertheless, Kenzie held onto her dear Rhya. She gave her the best care and felt very relieved in the passing months when her worst fear didn’t happen.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

Two years later, Rhya is still alive and living happily with them. Kenzie has decided never to let her go to another home. Rhya belongs to her family, to the special corner in her heart that she’s reserved for this dog who has overcome her illness with a joyful, resilient spirit. Even when in pain, Rhya has always wagged her tail to ease Kenzie’s worries and to assure her that she would make it.

And to celebrate her second year with their family, Kenzie baked an “adoptaversary” cake for Rhya!

YouTube users were so happy, too, and shared these wonderful comments:

Grit & Steel remarked, “It was sensitive, empathetic, and beautiful of Kenzie to adopt Rhya after two years, knowing that it really was unfair to let her go, since Rhya had already thrived in her care for a long period, from illness to full health. Lovely pitbull by the way :)”

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

Christa Griggs likewise wrote, “That’s so awesome! I wish she would come out with a cookbook for dogs!!!”

Barbie Kacz also shared, “It’s so amazing how you got her better. Then you decided to keep her. Truth, she is a keeper. We treat our dogs the same way. They are our babies.”

Meanwhile, Jeffrey Sy added, “Rhya hit the jackpot with her mom, as I’m sure the mom would say she hit the jackpot with Rhya as well! Such a lovely family.”

And RanJayT joyfully expressed, “Rhya is so freaking adorable! Those pup cakes are gorgeous! The dogs are so well-behaved! Kenzie, you’re an awesome person.”

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