Rescue Coyote Can’t Get Enough of the Love of the Hound Who Saved Him from a Hawk

“We consistently underestimate this animal and its ability to adjust and adapt. They push the boundaries of what we perceive to be constraints,” Stan Gehrt, a wildlife ecologist with the Ohio State University and the Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation, told National Geographic. “Now we have coyotes everywhere — every neighborhood, every suburban city, and downtown. The only place we don’t have them is airports, and that’s because they kill them.”

Yes, you have every reason to be concerned about coyotes. They have already expanded their range in all US states except Hawaii. They now inhabit mountains and forests, not just deserts and open prairies. They are now also city dwellers and urban residents, posing danger to both people and their pets.

Photo: Tiktok/savecilantro

According to Gehrt, coyotes are bold and shy at the same time, which is a great advantage. These animals are bold enough to attack, hunt, and kill but shy or witty enough to avoid getting killed.

But it must also be remembered that one of the primary reasons behind the spread of coyotes in human-dominated landscapes is humans. We have caused the decimation and fragmentation of their natural habitats. Like other wildlife that are now in conflict with people, these animals have been forced to find new food sources and new homes.

Photo: Tiktok/savecilantro

Moreover, we should not forget that these creatures have hearts that know how to love, just like in this viral post on Tiktok from Donald Biden @savecilantro.

It’s a video of their rescue coyote, who was saved by their dog from a hawk attack when he was still a pup. Then their dog brought the baby coyote home so he could be lovingly cared for. Years after that, this coyote remembers the brave dog whom he loves like a mom.

A very interesting thread of comments from Tiktok users follows the post:

Photo: Tiktok/savecilantro

Morgan wrote, “Aww, he’s submitting to her, and she’s ignoring him. He’s trying all kinds of angles to get her attention. Bless him!”

Darksyngr responded, “Nah, she is just like a patient mom trying to eat while her child pesters her 😂 She isn’t resource-guarding, in dog terms is absolute trust and ❤️”

Raven Worthy agreed, “Perfect response 😂😂🥰 This is spot on.”

Meanwhile, Leslie also voiced out, “But she’s not ignoring him, or she wouldn’t allow him near the food so close. He actually licked her! 😂”

Photo: Tiktok/savecilantro

Haley likewise expressed, “We didn’t see their initial greeting either. This is her eating while he messes with her like a pup 🖤”

Meanwhile, concerned about the coyote possibly being hungry, Karyn Antosh asked, “Did the coyote get to eat too? Lol. He’s being so patient 😊”

And of course, Donald Biden was happy to assure everyone that the young coyote already had his meal: “Yes, he actually already ate before this!”

What a sweet adopted son.


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