Rescue Chicken Is the “Sister” Her Human Girl Always Wanted

Henrietta is the biggest joy of this little girl’s life (aside from her mom).

She’s the sibling that she’s always been dreaming of. And she came into their lives at the right moment when this little girl and her mom were needing some cheer and inspiration.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

Henrietta loves riding on a skateboard, taking walks in a stroller, and playing whatever games her new sister, Andrea, likes. She’s the balm who takes away her sadness, and the clown when Andrea needs to stop being mad and smile.

Henrietta is actually a rescue chicken. Her human mom, Leah, got her from a farm where she was informed that all broiler chickens were about to be slaughtered. Leah was told that she was free to choose the chickens she wanted, and she chose three.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

But only Henrietta survived. Her two chicken friends, Bruno and Shakira, died from a genetic disorder that was aggravated by the poor conditions on the farm. They never saw daylight, they were not free to walk around, and they had never felt what it was like to breathe fresh air in their former home.

The only consolation Henrietta’s family had when Bruno and Shakira passed away was that the two chickens had experienced a week of freedom, of playing and dancing in the gardens, and living like normal birds.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

Henrietta felt loneliness too, but at least she was not left on her own. In fact, Leah and Andrea became the sunshine of her life. She’s never felt so loved before – loved like a sister by a girl who does not care if her best friend forever is a broiler chicken.

Sadly, broiler chickens typically live only for a short while. Henrietta was blessed to live a full year with her human family.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

After Henrietta took her last breath, Leah and Andrea wrapped their beloved chicken in her favorite towel and let her rest peacefully in the backyard where they had shared many fun and blissful memories together.

To Leah and Andrea, Henrietta the rescue chicken will always be a most beloved member of their family.

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