Guy Can’t Help but Spoil All of His Animals Rotten

We all love our animals, but some people show that love in different ways. That includes the couple in the video we have for you below, and the man and wife spoil them rotten.

As an example, she admits that they were keeping the animals off the bed, but he lets them get away with it. It just seems as if he can’t say no, even when the cats are stealing food off his plate!

The couple has fostered over 50 dogs, and at the time of the video, they had six dogs and four cats. All of them were rescued.

Photos: YouTube / The Dodo

There is something else that those animals have in common; they are all vying for his attention and affection. They will even line up to get belly rubs.

When he gets in the hammock, it’s automatically time for cuddles. They just can’t get close enough to him, but as you can see in the video, he feels the same way.

Meeting the Family Pig

And then there’s Lou. He is the family pig, and he gets spoiled as well.

Photos: YouTube / The Dodo

Lou is the boss, and there’s nothing he likes more than getting a rubdown with coconut oil. He gets scrubbed in the tub and is as sassy and demanding as any pig could be.

Lou also tends to have his favorites, including a dog named Scoobs. They will lie together and enjoy some special time with each other.

Photos: YouTube / The Dodo

The family pig also loves the children, but they wonder if the children even realize they have a pig. After all, he is just ‘one of the pack.’

This family is doing a great job of teaching their children to give animals all of the love and respect they deserve. They do so by example, and we get to go along for the ride in this special video.

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