Relax at This Malaysian Cafe That Surprisingly Showcases Live Reptiles

The existence of coffee shops is truly beneficial to society, especially to those who thrive with the help of coffee and sweets. You can quickly order coffee if you have a sudden need for a shot of caffeine. Cafes are very accessible, and they’re almost everywhere. From the largest coffeehouse companies to small businesses, you can easily find one nearby. But it isn’t just the beverages and food that make people visit the establishment — it’s also a place for social gatherings. You can meet up with a friend, start a study group, talk with a client, or bring your laptop for work. The ambiance is a vital element of why coffee shops are trendy these days — the smell of coffee and accommodating vibes can make you stay.

Photo: Unsplash/Roman Bozhko

Nowadays, business owners aim to separate themselves from other cafes. They think of various ways to be unique, such as the interior design, theme, etc — they’re looking for a concept that hasn’t been tried before and one that will start a trend. Some coffee shops are inspired by pop culture, while others involve animals. One of the most effective cafe marketing ideas is pet coffee shops, mainly highlighting cats and dogs. Since lots of people have become pet parents, these types of coffee shops effortlessly welcome customers daily. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a dessert and coffee with an adorable furry animal around? You could even take pictures with them and pet them — making a coffee shop more of a haven for both animals and caffeine lovers.

Photo: Instagram/fangs.kl

Fascinatingly, in Malaysia, this cafe also features animals, but not the furry and cuddly ones — the cafe has live reptiles. It may seem terrifying, but people have been going in and out of the Fangs by Dekori like it’s nothing. Customers even find the reptiles interesting and adorable. Fangs by Dekori is the first ever Malaysian cafe with lizards and snakes as your company. There is lots of proof on the cafe’s Instagram account — people have been taking pictures with the little reptiles, even with the snakes. Based on the photos, both customers and animals were safe despite the potential danger of humans interacting with reptiles. Also, the reptiles don’t freely roam in the cafe. The staff members will guide the customer if they want to safely touch lizards and snakes. Each animal is secured in aquariums, which are all arranged around the cafe for viewing.

The idea has shocked a lot of people. Foreigners and locals are visiting the cafe for the unique experience of indulging in a hot beverage while being surrounded by cold-blooded animals. Don’t forget that Fangs by Dekori has delectable desserts, which you can see on their Instagram page. They also posted a reel giving a mini tour of the cafe and informing netizens of what they offer. If you are interested in reptiles or craving a new experience, you might want to visit Fangs by Dekori the next time you travel to Malaysia. Follow their Instagram page to learn more and see how happy their guests are in the company of lizards and snakes.

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