Reporter Rescues Nurse Trapped In Hurricane Ian Floodwaters

If you haven’t had an opportunity to see the damage caused by Hurricane Ian, you really are missing out on one of the biggest news stories of the year.

The hurricane hit the West Coast of Florida as a category four but it continued to move up through Florida, eventually reaching Orlando.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

One of the news reporters that was out covering the hurricane in Orlando was Tony Atkins. Although the hurricane had been over land for quite some time, it was still dumping water at an amazing rate and there was a woman stranded in the nearby floodwaters.

According to WKYC Channel 3, Atkins saw the woman waving from her car for help. She was a nurse on her way to work early in the morning and decided to drive through the floodwaters rather than find an alternate route.

Photo: YouTube/WKYC Channel 3
Photo: YouTube/WKYC Channel 3

Atkins knew that he had to help, so he went out into the waist-high water and made his way over to the vehicle. After she handed him her purse, he told her to get out and she came out through the window.

According to ABC 12 WISN, that is what Atkins said: “I thought it’d be best to carry her on my back. She got on my back. She asked for help one time, and then I got her to safety.”

Photo: YouTube/WKYC Channel 3

The outlet further reported that the woman spoke with a local news reporter and said that he was in the right place and was there just when she needed him. She said: “I’m so thankful he was willing to help me and not just ignore me! I really appreciate the love he showed me! He will never be forgotten!”

Check out the rescue in the video below:

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