Renewable Energy Will Be More Common Than Coal For Producing Electricity By 2025

I don’t think that any of us need to be told that the environment is under attack. Global warming and other climate change have really taken their toll, and near the top of the list of things that hurt the environment are the use of fossil fuels, coal, and gas.

Although some changes are taking place, more sweeping changes will need to be made in order to really turn the tide. We still celebrate each change that does occur, including one that was reported on by the International Energy Association.

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According to the IEA, global electricity is going to be fueled by renewable energy more than coal by 2025. In addition, the capacity for renewable energy production is going to increase by 75% worldwide in the next five years.

Global warming is a reality but if we switch to a clean energy source, it can limit that reality to only 1.5°C. This would match the goal that was set by the Paris Agreement to affect climate change and reduce the difficulties associated with it.

The IEA reports that there are two major factors that can really make a difference in our ability to use renewable energy. These include security and low prices.

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According to PV Magazine, a report by the IEA reads: “First, high fossil fuel and electricity prices resulting from the global energy crisis have made renewable power technologies much more economically attractive, and second, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has caused fossil fuel importers, especially in Europe, to increasingly value the energy security benefits of renewable energy.”

Environmental news is often reported in a negative light but some are moving the needle behind the scenes to a certain extent. In fact, the latest on the front of climate change and efforts by governments show that we are 30% better off than was expected, according to the report.

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Out of all of the different renewable energy sources, solar power has the most potential. By 2026, it will be used more than natural gas and by 2027, it will be used more than coal. 60% of all expansion of renewable energy is associated with solar power.

The executive director of IEA, Faith Birol, said that the renewables are already expanding quickly and because of global climate change, they are entering a new phase earlier than expected. She went on to say: “This is a clear example of how the current energy crisis can be a historic turning point towards a cleaner and more secure energy system.”

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