Redditors Enraged by the Vacation Blackout This Person’s Company Demanded

Would you stay with a company that imposes vacation blackouts?

Many Reddit users are reacting to an email that was received by employees of a certain company that tells them ahead of time that “from November 1st to January 2nd” there will be a vacation blackout period.

The email screenshot was posted by u/moshpitb**ch on the Reddit forum Antiwork, which was created for people “who want to end work, are curious about ending work, want to get the most out of a work-free life, want more information on anti-work ideas and want personal help with their own jobs/work-related struggles.”

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With almost 15k votes and more than a thousand comments, you can feel just how much this issue stirs up reactions from the proletariat. Those workers who sweat it out for long hours, almost day after day, and deserving of a decent break to rejuvenate their body and spirit.

But, here you are, under the power of company management. It’s a choice between keeping your job and finding yourself in dire straits.

Work is especially important now amid the impacts of the pandemic worldwide. Even the most prosperous countries have felt the economic grip as inflation continues to rise along with the prices of petroleum and other consumer products.

What do AntiWork community members have to say to this vacation blackout reminder?

Some are outraged, while others are reminded of their kind and considerate bosses.

“That’s good because I’m not making a request, I’m telling you I won’t be here,” reacted one Redditor.

“My current job is a shitshow so I’m about to quit it, as they are paying me the federal minimum wage instead of the Illinois minimum wage. However, I requested a night off before I even started working that my boss said would be allowed, and he said no to it once I started working,” expressed another Reddit user.

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“I requested off 2 months in advance to spend one last Christmas with my dying mother (it was the earliest time I could request off). It was a write-in system. I was the first to put in the request. Christmas time comes and I got a call from my friend saying that management planned to fire me when I got back because I didn’t show up. When I pointed out that I was the first request off, because it is important to me to spend time with my dying mother, management decided I was stealing from my till. I counted my till every single day and that just plain never happened. I just never went back. Place closed permanently this year and I hope every single manager there has a merry fucking Christmas this year,” another worker related about a sad experience.

Meanwhile, this person shared a positive point, “I know this isn’t the norm, but I am on good terms with my boss, and he is super chill about administration stuff. I go on a vacation, that I’ve been planning for 2 years, in 2 weeks for 10 days and I just remembered to put in the vacation ‘request.’ I probably could also have put in for it the day before and he would have told me to have a nice trip.”

And this individual received what he did not expect, “I recently asked my boss for a day off short notice. Fully expected ‘we’ll see, but you might have to give up one of your other days off that week.’ Nope. Instant ‘ok, I’ll cover for you.’ The day is a Saturday, and I work in a resturant. Some bosses are decent people.”

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