Redditor Asks For Advice On How To Deal With Her Ex Breaking Up With Her Because Of Cancer

More often than not, when we read about relationships falling apart because of any kind of sickness, the one who gets dumped is the one that has the sickness. It’s sad, but true.

Some folks deem it as “too much drama” for them, but there are also so many instances wherein partners are willing to go through whatever comes along together.

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In the case of user PaleontologistHot725 from Reddit, who shared her experience in the relationship_advice subreddit, she got dumped by her boyfriend when he found out that his cancer came back.

The post didn’t contain much of their relationship history, but the original poster (OP), is asking for advice on what to do with her relationship with her ex.

“About a month ago, my boyfriend (26) of almost a year (talking for 2) found out his cancer came back. Despite me wanting to work things out and be his support, he vehemently denied my requests and broke up with me (23).”

The OP, despite wanting to support her ex, said that her ex became very isolated even when he said that they could still be friends. We only have the girlfriend’s side of the story, so it’s hard to assume what state her ex is in. But according to Stanford Medicine, cancer patients often get depressed, which may have contributed.

“Depression makes your entire experience with cancer more difficult, weakens your resilience, and may hamper your overall adjustment,” according to Stanford Medicine.

One of the things that they suggest to combat this is to maintain close connections and frequent contact with loved ones, which our OP is trying to do. This is where their problem lies in their relationship, I think.

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“I know I can’t force him to love me or take me back, or even to have me as a friend even though I know we love each other very much,” the OP stated.

Now she’s asking Reddit for any advice on how she can start to heal from their failed relationship, but she’s still holding out hope that she can still support her ex, even if it’s from a distance.

The OP shared more about her ex in the comment section. She said that her ex has been “basically isolating from everyone” and that he just kept saying that he wanted to be alone.

Someone asked the OP why her ex dumped her, and she simply said that, “He told me he loved me too much to make me suffer through this treatment… Ultimately he said he didn’t want someone as full of life as me brought down and in pain by seeing him go through all this hardship.”

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Maybe the breakup is justifiable with her ex’s reasoning, but it doesn’t make it any less painful. If you have a friend who’s experiencing the same as OP’s ex, take a look at some possible reasons why they might cut off ties with you in this article.

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