If You Were in This Young Person’s Shoes, Would You Refuse to Help Your Uncle Whose Wife Is Sick?

According to King Solomon, there is a time for everything under the sun.

A time for peace, a time for war. A time to laugh, a time to cry. A time to give and a time to hold back.

This 17-year-old youth whose mother just passed away wants to know if he is being unkind for refusing to help his uncle whose wife is very ill. His mom has left him some money for his college education, and his uncle is begging him to give him part of that inheritance.

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Before attempting to make any judgment, it’s best to hear OP’s story first, which was posted on Reddit’s r/AmItheA–hole forum under the name u/5Gspeed4234: “My mom had me when she was young. My grandparents were strictly religious and disowned her soon after I was born. The family cut contact with her save for a few relatives.”

He continued to tell, “My mom struggled a lot in her life. She worked a lot and saved money for me to go to medical school, which has been dream since I was 11. No one helped, and I remember when mom got sick and we were about to be homeless, her brother (my uncle) Frank (M37) refused to take us in, saying his wife was sick and there was no room for us. Her friend took us in, then mom got back on her feet.”

OP’s mother worked hard, but unfortunately, she passed away half a year ago. However, she entrusted her best friend with the money she had saved for her son’s college education. But OP’s uncle learned about his inheritance, and he contacted OP’s guardian so he could ask for financial help.

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OP met his uncle, but he decided to refuse to give him his mom’s savings because it is his mom’s dream for him to finish his studies. His uncle did everything to appeal to him, going into hysterics, hounding him, and influencing their other relatives to force OP to give him his college fund, which his uncle promised to pay back.

But OP feels he must protect the fruit of his mom’s hard work and her dream for him so he will not suffer the same hardship that she went through.

Do you agree with this teenager’s decision?

Many AITA members think that OP is right and he should fight for the fulfillment of his mom’s aspiration for him.

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A commenter could not hold back from saying, “He asked what your mom would want??? Ummm, the audacity!!! Also she very clearly wanted OP to have that money for himself/his future. OP, I’m so sorry you have to be [going] through this while you are grieving. Block him and tell him if he continues to harass you while you’re mourning a loss you’ll make a police report.”

Another person expressed support for young OP: “I am with you! My thought exactly. Also, OP told the uncle ‘No,’ and he’s not respecting that as an answer – Instead uncle is using relentless guilt-tripping. OP if you are reading this: You are doing the right thing by not sharing the inheritance with your uncle. You are taking care of yourself AND respecting your mother’s wishes for the use of the inheritance for your education. Block him everywhere and all the other enabling relatives too.”

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This Reddit user shared the same opinion. “I agree. Block him. Your mother worked her ass off for your future with no help from her family. Giving that up to help them would be a slap in her face. Go live the life your mother dreamed of for you.”

Of course, there are also some on the forum who doubt if the sick wife story is true and a lot of money is actually needed for surgery. In this age and time, people invent a lot of stories for their benefit. OP’s uncle does not seem to be a trustworthy person, much less an honorable one.

Saying no to a questionable character is always the best thing to do.

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