Watch Red Panda Being Hand-Fed Snacks By Gentle Caretaker

Pandas are cute, but red pandas are something else entirely when it comes to the cuteness factor!

They’re like a little bear mixed with a fox mixed with a whole lot of preciousness.

Photo: TikTok/@littlepanda6487

It’s actually a life goal of mine to one day see one in person. We’ll see if that ever happens, but for now, I will settle for a very cute red panda video.

It’s not just any video, it’s one of meal time for a red panda. In the footage, the precious little animal is getting hand fed by her caretaker.

Photo: TikTok/@littlepanda6487

But what is even more heart-melting is the fact that the red panda is so incredibly gentle when taking food directly from their hand!

The little animal stands on her hind legs before gingerly accepting the food being handed to her. Seriously, there is no way that anyone can cope with this level of cuteness!

Photo: TikTok/@littlepanda6487

Thank goodness for TikTok, because this is the kind of content that I live for.

Watch this very adorable video down below:

@littlepanda6487 Mom said that eating more fruit becomes chubby and more cute.#fy #fyp #trending #cute #redpanda #chubby #fruit ♬ original sound – littlepanda6487

What do you think of this red panda’s eating habits? Let us know!

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