Zookeepers Shared the First Checkup of a Miracle Red Panda Cub

With the world experiencing problematic changes, there will inevitably be a negative impact on animals. Their habitats are being destroyed, and food sources are becoming scarce. Endangerment and extinction will be ongoing threats. For this reason, organizations are keeping a watch and establishing safe sanctuaries for endangered animals. Since the planet’s situation is worsening, it’s best to plan the next step ahead.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Mathias Appel

Red pandas are one of the animals that are strictly being taken care of. Their species are already labeled as endangered by WWF. According to reports, the number of Red pandas still existing is already down to 10,000. Zoos, sanctuaries, and organizations have been working hard to ensure that young and adult pandas receive proper care and treatment. This is to secure their population and prevent possible extinction.

Photo: Youtube/NowThis News

To show how Red pandas are given the life they deserve, zookeepers from Paradise Wildlife Park shared a miracle cub’s first health checkup. The cub that will be assessed was born in a UK zoo after its father died. Thankfully, Tilly, the mother, is also under the care of the zoo. The team that examined the young panda included two senior keepers, Amy and Kim, and their vet, Steve. They were assigned to ensure that the cub of their red panda, Tilly, got a successful health assessment. The process included identifying the sex of the cub and inserting a microchip into it.

Tilly’s cub wasn’t named yet since they hadn’t determined its gender. The team struggled with the test because the baby panda moved too much. They had to call it Little Red while it was still young, until it allowed them to have a successful test. To ensure that the cub felt less anxious, the team held the scruff of its neck like its mother would carry it. Although they applied that method, Little Red was still too wiggly throughout the checkup. In addition, baby red pandas are strong and have sharp claws.

Photo: Youtube/NowThis News

Nevertheless, the team was able to insert a microchip into the cub. Amy explained how microchipping is done. “So this is done in exactly the same way as you would to a cat or a dog. Our vet used a needle to insert the chip just under the skin on the back of its neck. And this chip will stay with the cub forever.” After the checkup, the zookeepers were happy to share that Little Red is healthy and developing well. They returned the baby cub to its mother, and Tilly welcomed her baby by grooming it for comfort.

Photo: Youtube/NowThis News

Cubs are a vital part of the European breeding program, as they secure the population of red pandas. It is a good thing that the alarming issue is given attention. Hopefully, there will be more miracle cubs like Little Red, and each will grow up healthy and well. Little Red is lucky to be under the care of its mother and caretakers from Paradise Wildlife Park. Watch its first health checkup below. Who would have thought that health examinations could be adorable?

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