Planning to Dine Out? Check Out These Signs of a Bad Restaurant You Should Avoid

Of course, when we go to dine out, we want to have fun!

We’re all geared up for happy moments together, sharing stories and laughter over good food, and creating memories that may last till the next family gathering or even for many years to come.

But what can spoil it? A bad restaurant.

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Most of us already have our favorite dining places. But there are times when we crave something new. Is there a way to tell a rotten resto?

Actually, there’s more than a handful of signs of a bad restaurant, according to Reader’s Digest. And here’s a list of these red flags:

  1. Many types of cuisine and dishes on the menu. Be cautious of a restaurant that serves many types of cuisine such as Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Mexican, French, and Indian. Good restaurants have their specialties, a mastery of a particular cuisine. Also, if the menu offers a hundred dishes and you’ve ordered a meal with a slow turnover, its ingredients have been in storage for a long time. In restaurants, less is more and fresh ingredients are the best.
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  3. The parking lot is dirty. It means that cleanliness is not a high priority in this restaurant. You may also notice this type of red flag on windows and doors. There’s a huge probability that the kitchen is also grimy, moldy, and unhygienic. For the sake of your and your loved ones’ health, avoid this place.
  4. Too many themes, designs, and styles. This is an indication of poor management since there’s no harmony in decision-making.
  5. The entire staff looks like they don’t care at all. Of course, restaurant staff are human beings who may feel down at times. But if everyone wears a sour or disinterested face, better dine somewhere else where you can enjoy the kind of service you deserve.
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  7. Most reviews come from influencers. Positive reviews from influencers can be easily obtained through free and discounted offers. High-end restaurants especially have PR teams who handle publicity, and this is part of their strategy. So, don’t be so quick to rely on influencers’ reviews. Look for more neutral feedback or signs of whether a resto is worth your money.
  8. Diners are made up of tourists, not locals. Now, this is a clear sign that this resto doesn’t have a good reputation in its own locality.
  9. The restaurant smells bad. Another obvious sign that you and your loved ones will not have a good time at this place.
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  11. Dirty and stinky bathroom. If you can, go and check this area first before getting cozy at your table. You may end up regretting your time at this restaurant that does not strictly observe good hygiene.
  12. The kitchen is in chaos. Lack of orderliness is another red flag. You cannot expect great-tasting food to come from a kitchen that’s disorganized and cooks who don’t work in harmony.
  13. Mistakes keep repeating themselves. Mistakes happen, especially in a busy restaurant. But if a waiter keeps on delivering wrong orders, it means this dining place really suffers from poor customer service.
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  15. The building is dilapidated. If you have observed dirty floors, torn wallpaper, broken or grimy ceiling tiles, dirty restrooms, and withering plants, then leave this resto immediately. Whatever it’s serving is not worth discovering.
  16. No one is eating. Empty seats at a restaurant is certainly a sign that you won’t find pleasure in dining at this place.
  17. Old, worn, and stained menus. Another no-no, this is a sign of poorly-trained staff or poor management.
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  19. Diners are frowning and dissatisfied. Of course, you will want to avoid this place too if you don’t want to share the disappointing experience.
  20. Poorly-prepared food. This is one of the most unsatisfactory experiences you can have in a bad restaurant. It shows lack of respect for food and customers. Cooking is an art, while the restaurant business is part of the hospitality industry. It has high standards that must be observed.

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