Glowing Red Clouds Over The Atlantic Spark Conspiracy Theories On Reddit

Viral photos showing glowing red clouds over the Atlantic Ocean have prompted people to come up with some interesting theories.

Redditor Moheimen Tanim posted photos of the unusual sight, writing:

“Mysterious red glow seen over the Atlantic, pilot says he’s never seen anything like it. Via July 2022.”

The photos show clouds that look like they’re glowing with lava. It got a lot of people wondering: What could possibly be causing such bright, glowing clouds?

Other redditors were quick to respond with different ideas and conspiracy theories. Some people claimed Stranger Things was real, while others said it was the end of the world.

Photo: Reddit/u/mohiemen

While it’s fun to speculate about extraterrestrial beings, government experiments, and the like, the real answer is much more practical.

One person explained in the comments that the glow was likely from red LED lights attached to fishing boats. The lights are used to attract saury fish.

Photo: Pixabay/lockerswatanabe

According to The Independent, a similar event happened in China where fishing boats were causing panic as people thought the skies were turning bright red.

In this case, we’ll never know for sure what caused the glow but logic would say fishing boats on the hunt for Pacific saury. What do you think?

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