My Kitty Is Not Going Anywhere! Woman Refuses to Give up Cat for Boyfriend’s PC

“My boyfriend and I have been together for almost as long as my cat has been alive (she’s 14) and have lived together for at least 8 of those years. The issue at hand is that my boyfriend wants me to re-home my elderly cat because her fur keeps getting in/around his gaming PC.”

This is how a Reddit user under the account name u/cathaircomputer begins her story, which she posted on Reddit’s popular forum, r/AmItheA–hole.

Photo: YouTube/Funny And Cute Kitten Cat

OP said that she brushes her cat’s fur regularly, but her cat has the habit of sleeping in their room since the place they rent is shared with other people.

Her boyfriend, who recently bought an expensive gaming PC, constantly complains that her cat’s hair gets into his equipment. OP said that they have fans, spray-dusting cans, and an air purifier, as well as a fabric cover to put over the PC, but these are not enough for her boyfriend. He claims that cat hair floats in the air whenever he plays or keeps his PC open to prevent it from overheating.

OP continued to relate in her post, “My boyfriend has tried keeping my cat out of our room and locking her out, but she will meow and scratch at the door all night long. She is used to sleeping next to me and honestly I enjoy having her there. I do not enjoy the comments from him telling me she’s ‘got to go’ though.”

Photo: YouTube/Funny And Cute Kitten Cat

In a more detailed explanation of their situation, OP said that her boyfriend’s gaming PC is on a desk and she herself avoids coming close to it because he dislikes her proximity when he plays. He is not mean toward her cat but disapproves of her being in their room, especially on their bed.

However, as OP admitted, she could accept being judged as an a**hole. She frankly told everyone, “Kitty is NOT going anywhere. Literally over my dead body. We are cuddle buddies, and I would be devastated. I do have several security cameras.”

OP further said that she is happy being childless; she would rather have their situation remain that way. But it’s letting go of her aging cat for the sake of her boyfriend’s gaming PC which she cannot accept.

Photo: YouTube/Funny And Cute Kitten Cat

What are the opinions of Reddit’s AITA members?

This is one hard answer that favors OP and her cat” “Boyfriend is full of shit. There are PCs controlling machineries inside cement mills with dust and shit going all over the place. Even if the situation is as bad as he says, it could be fixed with two $10 extra fans to increase airflow and bunch of $0.70 foam filter. Even if your cat manages to shed its entire fur over weekend, it’s just literally 5 minutes process to wash it down under running water. Tell your boyfriend to step up his PC assembling game.”

Another candid comment from a Reddit user: “Came here to say this. Cats give unconditional love, men give unconditional love to their gaming consoles.”

Photo: YouTube/Funny And Cute Kitten Cat

This person likewise expresses anger towards the gaming-obsessed boyfriend, “Agreed. Ditch him, I wouldn’t trust him not to “accidentally” let the cat out (or worse). Besides, anyone who prioritizes a gaming computer over a living creature isn’t someone I would want to count on long-term.”

And this Reddit user does not mince words either: “100% this, my cat is my baby and no one will tell me to get rid of him. If they don’t like him or he doesn’t like them, they are gone.”

Some AITA members obviously think the boyfriend is just using the kitty as an alibi to mask a bigger problem in his and OP’s relationship. But this person tries to help resolve the issue, if the cat’s fur is really the problem:

Photo: YouTube/Funny And Cute Kitten Cat

“NTA. Your boyfriend needs a mesh screen on the case to catch 90% of the fur, and the rest won’t harm his computer unless he starts the fireplace and his computer is next to it, and the soot mixes with the cat fur. I have cats and a fireplace. It was a pain to clean up. P.S. your boyfriend needs to fix his pc; it has nothing to do with the cat fur. If it’s brand new, return it. I have a long-haired Maine coon, and I just have to use a brush to clean up the mesh screen.”

Is the problem really the cat? Or is it the 14-year-long relationship that somebody seems to be getting less appreciative of? What do you think?

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