Rare Footage! Farm Welcomes the Birth of Alpaca Twins Named Maisie and Rosie

Alpaca twins are rare! Twins occur at approximately one in every 50,000 births!

Alpacas are relatives of the camels, llamas, vicuñas, and guanacos under the family Camelidae. Like the llamas, they are a fully domesticated member of this family, believed to have been bred by the ancient people of the Andes from South America’s wild camelids centuries before the rise of the Incas.

Photo: Tiktok/lanehousealpacas

From ancient times until today, alpacas have been valued for their fleece and meat, which is high in protein and low in fat. Meanwhile, alpaca fleece is especially precious due to its resiliency, softness, eco-friendliness, and hypoallergenic properties. Its fleece’s cellular structure resembles hair that’s among the reasons for its strength. What’s more, its natural fiber colors are available in 22 basic hues with many blends and variations.

Breeders and herders have also proven that alpacas are great companion animals. They can easily learn how to lead, jump in and out of transportation, and other basic commands. This is why alpacas are excellent as herd guards, too, as they can repel foxes that prey on weak lambs and sick sheep.

Photo: Tiktok/lanehousealpacas

That’s part of why this birth of alpaca twins in Lane House Farm is such a big celebration! Not only was it a rare event, but having more alpacas in the world is a big plus for our planet. They’re soft-padded animals whose gentleness doesn’t cause harm to land and vegetation as they tread. And when they graze, these animals don’t destroy root systems, which enables plants to grow back.

Currently, the alpaca industry is experiencing a boom, with huacayas making up ninety-five percent of the alpaca population in the world. More and more uses of alpaca fleece are being discovered, and the benefits are limitless.

Photo: Tiktok/lanehousealpacas

Here are some of the awesome comments from Tiktok users:

GRThomas-Indie-Author: “They’re adorable & so precious I have alpacas… I adore them so much.”

Deborah Rawlings: “The one looking at mom with so much love in its eyes🥰”

user1549085088617: “Congratulations ! May they be healthy !😊”

SandyDibruno: “This is a a cuteness overload! 💕💕💕💕💕”

Posted on Tiktok, this viral video of these alpaca twins will surely warm your heart too!


Alpaca twins!!🥺 Did you know that surviving twins in alpacas are exceptionally rare? Estimated 1 in 50,000 chance and we are lucky enough to have a set!🥰 Rosie & Maisie ❤️

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