Parents Unknowingly Broke Their Daughter’s Heart By Adopting A Shelter Dog

Christmas came early for this family’s daughter!

And the whole video of it happening was caught on video by her parents. Just 3 days ago, the viral clip resurfaced on the subreddit r/MadeMeSmile, and it once again became a hit, gathering almost 60k upvotes and multiple awards.

PHOTO: Unsplash/engin akyurt

The original video was actually posted 4 years ago by the daughter’s father. He wrote that their daughter, Hallee, has been asking for a dog for Christmas for years, but they refused to give in to her requests until after she graduated college.

Hallee then began to volunteer at the Human Society of Stillwater, probably her way of coping with her lack of a pet while also helping other animals. And this is where Hallee met Rambo, the dog in the viral video.

3 weeks before Christmas, Hallee’s parents secretly adopted Rambo. But that secret actually broke their daughter’s heart. Thinking that Rambo got adopted and being unable to say goodbye upset Hallee, her cousin said in a Twitter post.

And this is where the early Christmas of Hallee came to be. To rectify the unintended heartbreak, the parents decided to surprise their daughter a little early.

PHOTO: Unsplash/Laura Beth Snipes

In the video, you will see the father and Rambo waiting outside their home, and as soon as Hallee gets over her initial shock, she bursts into tears. Rambo rushes over to her excitedly, and they hug for the first time as pet and owner.

Hearing the commotion outside, Hallee’s younger siblings check what was happening outside their home, and the first one out just gasps in awe and exclaims to another person inside the house that their parents got a dog.

No further introduction was needed though. All Hallee did was say, “This is Rambo!” and the younger boy, again, gasped in understanding.

Hallee was crying up until the end of the video, but you could hear her asking her parents if Rambo was hers and if it was real. You can’t really see the parents’ reaction, but I can assure you that Rambo is loved by the whole family. This is the latest Rambo update I have found on Hallee’s Instagram account. And yes, she clarifies, she is still obsessed with Rambo.

Watch the tearful reunion in the video below!

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