Two Alpacas Cruising Through the Drive-Thru of a Raising Cane’s Captured on TikTok

Fast-food restaurants have seen some unusual occupants within the vehicles entering their drive-thru lanes over the years, but this latest sighting has to be one of the cutest and most unusual. Initially, one would be confused as to what an alpaca would be ordering at a fast-food joint, but it was made perfectly clear by their human when she placed the order.

The alpaca mama is a TikToker using the handle @peppergrassranch. She’s taken more than a dozen videos of her fuzzy kids and posted them on her TikTok page. From the information gathered there, you can see that she’s part of a business in Utah offering alpaca rentals with the added information “Weddings/photoshoots/corporate events” posted with the description.

When we saw this, we couldn’t help but think about the New York couple who recently had a rented llama as a groomsman at their wedding. Apparently, having animals that spit at you is all the rage during nuptials these days, but we digress…

Photo: Pixabay/sharonang

A few days ago, the adorable fur balls’ mom, Megan Keith, idled into the drive-thru while the video was rolling to place her order. The video picks up as she’s politely requesting two pieces of lettuce for her furry traveling companions named Mac and Cheese. The young woman taking her order looks confused at one point, considering the unusual request. But the look on her face is priceless when she sees who the lettuce is for.

Megan, for her part, laughs it off as if it’s all completely normal, but the order taker can’t help but ask her co-workers to get a gander at what’s going on inside the minivan that just pulled up. In disbelief, she asks Megan, “How do you even get them back there?” Megan then casually replies, “They just hop in,” like nonchalant alpaca cruises are really nothing out of the ordinary.

The 47-second video is only three days old at this point and has already garnered 2.9M views and hundreds of thousands of likes. If you need a smile for the day, check out the clip of what transpired here.


Tag @Raising Cane’s and @Post Malone in the comments! Who would have thought alpacas could be such hit at the Raising Canes Layton, UT drive through?! We had a blast surprising everyone with our adorable companions, named Macaroni and Cheese! Macaroni and Cheese loved the hospitality of the crew and especially the lettuce. 🥬 Where should we visit next? #peppergrassranch #raisingcanes #raisingcanesutah #postmaloneraisingcanes #drivethrough #unexpected #unexpectedguest #alpacas #alpacasoftiktok #utahtok #utah #utahfun #utahlocal #utahlocalbusiness

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