Rachael Ray Surprises Busy Mom An Amazing First-Time Makeover

If you are a mother, you realize how busy life can be. Of course, you don’t have to be a mother to see that they tend to go from one thing to another and rarely ever have time for themselves.

When you look back on your own childhood and all that your mother did, it can really give you a new perspective. Often, we don’t think about it when we are young but mothers tend to give up much for the benefit of their families.

Photo: YouTube/Rachel Ray Show

Three children, who were between 17 and 20, knew that their mom needed something special. Gianna, Antonia, and Natalia decided to do more than simply feel sorry for their mom, they set up a surprise that she desperately needed.

It happened in 2018 when the mother was nominated for a special makeover surprise. It was for Rachel Ray’s “Mother of All Makeovers” and their mother, Christine, was the winner.

One of the reasons why the three girls decided that their mother needed a makeover so desperately is because she was always taking care of everybody else. That was especially true since their father, Antonio, had a stroke five years earlier.

Photo: YouTube/Rachel Ray Show

According to Rachel Ray, Christine works in New Jersey at a rehab hospital. She is a nurse, and her daughter, Natalia, spoke to Rachel saying that her mother would sometimes work 14 days in a row with no break.

Natalia said: “Every weekend, she tries to get shifts so she can earn enough money to keep the house over our head and food on the table.”

Her sister, Antonia spoke up and said: “As long as everyone has what they need, my mom is always happy.”

Photo: YouTube/Rachel Ray Show

As far as Christine’s style was concerned, the daughters had a unique way of describing it. They said that it was “definitely comfortable” and since her husband’s stroke, she began to hide herself using layers of clothes. That led to her wardrobe taking on a more casual look over time and it was obvious that she wasn’t caring for herself.

When Christine received the news that she would be headed for a complete makeover in New York City, she was amazed. Imagine if somebody told you that you were going to be on the Rachael Ray show.

Her husband and three daughters were on-hand when the reveal took place. Rachel told the story about how Christine was at the studio wearing sweatpants and glasses that were missing an eyepiece. That was when it was time for Mally Roncal, the makeup and style artist, to oversee the makeover and make it one of the best that they’d ever done.

Photo: YouTube/Rachel Ray Show

When the reveal happened, Christine looked out of this world. Her clothes were updated but it was her smile and confidence that really shined through brightly. She let Rachel know that it was the best day of her life and you could really see the emotion taking over the entire family.

Watch it for yourself in this video:

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