Security Camera Captures Raccoon Playing In The Snow

I don’t live where it snows, but every time I visit somewhere that does, I love looking for new animal prints. The snow captures paw prints markings better than pine needles and dirt, so it’s fun getting to see the steps an animal takes and what path they chose.

Every so often, you might just come across something interesting and it can be hard to know what to think. Timothy Ellis happened to notice some unusual markings on his home’s deck in Everett, Washington and he never could’ve guessed what the markings were from.

Photo: YouTube/Timothy Ellis

While taking a closer look, you may be able to tell that the snow prints came from a raccoon, the erratic pattern the raccoon formed with his footprints was something else.

On YouTube, Ellis explains, “I’m not a professional ‘YouTuber,’ but I do make quite a bit of video with my phone, my drone, my GoPro, my security cameras, and my dashcam.”

Photo: YouTube/Timothy Ellis

It was his security cameras that managed to catch the adorable raccoon in action. In the video, you can see the little critter jumping up to catch the snow! It’s so cute!

Like a small child seeing the first snow of the season, the eager raccoon stands on his hind legs and uses his little hands to reach for the falling snowflakes.

Photo: YouTube/Timothy Ellis

The raccoon continues spinning in circles, attempting to catch the falling bits of white until he eventually scampers off into the night.

You can see the video for yourself below:

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