Old Video of a Raccoon’s Birthday Celebration Catches the Attention of Netizens

Even before the idea of selfies, groufies, and vlogs, became trends, people already had various ways of collecting memories. Gatherings were documented with digital cameras, film cameras, instant cameras, and camcorders. People would compile pictures in photo albums and transfer videos onto computers. Transferring the memory in VHS tapes is also an option still today, so you’ll always have a copy. A video recorded with a camcorder is quite helpful, especially with a timestamp. It makes remembering dates easier — takes you back in time while watching the memory. Whatever the occasion is, families and friends must have a camera with them to capture each passing moment.

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Birthdays, weddings, christenings, Fourth of July celebrations, and more hit differently when watched from VHS tapes. It’s like a treasure found in boxes of old stuff. People find recordings of moments they haven’t remembered in forever. You’ll just sit there and say, “I never thought I forgot about this,” or “Did that actually happen?” Memories suddenly rush in as if they just happened yesterday. But how about seeing a video of a raccoon celebrating its birthday in your home? Would you believe it? Fascinatingly, someone shared an old video of a raccoon’s birthday party with humans.

Photo: Reddit/window-man

They have proof that the memory happened with the help of a camcorder. The video even has a timestamp that indicates the celebration was from May 25, 1997. It was a twenty-two-second-long clip showing a raccoon munching on a piece of cake as humans sang happy birthday. The raccoon was even wearing a shirt, and then one of the family members gave it a party hat. It was indeed adopted by the family — certainly well-loved, because who throws a birthday party for a raccoon? If it wasn’t caught on tape, it would be difficult to make people believe that you celebrated a raccoon’s birthday in such a human manner.

The video was posted by window-man, and he revealed that he also just saw the content online. Redditors found the post entertaining and delightful — gaining 2.3k upvotes. The comments were filled with hilarious thoughts, and some called the raccoon Rocket from Guardians of The Galaxy. “One of my favorite genres of media is Analog horror videos, and now there’s also Analog wholesome videos,” SpaceTraveller64 wrote. To make it funnier, others expected that the video was thriller content. The clip certainly gives the vibes of a crime and horror documentary, because it was recorded with a camcorder. But it’s just a wholesome video of a raccoon’s special day. Make someone smile and also bewilder them today by sending them the Reddit post. A raccoon from 1997 will definitely complete their day.

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