A Man Meets a Roommate, Family, and Best Bud in The Form of a Precious Rabbit

Life happens — it will surprise you in various ways and will make you realize that it won’t always go the way you planned. Sometimes there will be mishaps and hindrances, while other days bring the happiness you never thought you needed. There are times in life when fate brings you the person (or animal) that will change your life forever. Those magical first meetings will always be memorable. The person or animal will suddenly become the highlight of your days — making your house feel a lot homier. Befriending them may be the greatest decision you’ve made.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

White rabbits are deemed magical, and Aaron can attest to that. Because ever since he met one on the side of the road, his house was filled with furry joy. The first time he met Mr. Phiri, Aaron was confused about why he was in the middle of the road. Thankfully, there were no vehicles around, so the white rabbit was able to cross safely. “As he hopped closer and closer, I could definitely tell that this was not a wild rabbit. He was a pet who someone probably dumped outside,” Aaron shared. He took the rabbit home, wrapped him up warm, and fed him. Due to genuine care, it immediately trusted Aaron which was the beginning of their roommate/best friend relationship.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

Mr. Phiri is everything to Aaron, even though he has a mischievous side. He shared that the rabbit would nibble on furniture and reached the point that it was renovating the home to its preference. “But having your best friend as your roommate isn’t always the best thing. I’m stressing over the most unforgivable thing my roommate has ever done. He dug right through my spare mattress and made himself a little bed,” Aaron explained. However annoying, Mr. Phiri is irresistible, and he is always forgiven. For two years, Aaron had grown accustomed to the rabbit’s antics and his lack of personal boundaries. He loves to cling to his human dad, which always gives him a free pass for every bit of mischief he has done at home.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

Living with an adorable white rabbit like Mr. Phiri wasn’t always about kisses and hugs. But Aaron was able to give him everything and established a daily routine with Mr. Phiri. The rabbit dad is now also used to shedding season. It’s a period when rabbits shed their fur — sticking everywhere at home, especially on Aaron’s clothes. Despite everything, their relationship stayed the same as their special bond grew beautifully. Aaron wouldn’t trade Mr. Phiri for anyone else, and he’s grateful for having him in his life. Picking the rabbit up from the road extremely affected him, which you can witness in the video below.

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