The Body Language a Rabbit Uses for Romance

Rabbits are known for building an everlasting bond with their partners. The bond helps the two rabbits enhance their physical and emotional growth — making it vital to adopt bunnies by pair. Bunny partners would do almost everything together, like eating, sleeping, grooming, and exploring the environment. They just love to share everything with their beloved partners, making rabbits even more adorable.

Photo: Reddit/Pazluz

One video from Reddit captured the interests of people on the internet. It has sparked a thread of conversations between strangers — gushing and explaining the bond between bonded rabbits. In the video, two rabbits simply lounged on a carpet when the gray one stood up for a stretch. Apparently, it wasn’t just to stretch its body — slowly after, it went closer to the white rabbit. That smooth move earned the gray rabbit a loving groom from its partner. In the end, it was seen that the gray one closed its eyes with satisfaction — it achieved its goal most adorably.

Photo: PxHere

The thread was a mixture of funny, cute, and informative comments. One user pointed out that rabbits have 360 degree vision, so it may have been possible that the female rabbit already knows her partner’s moves. KingoftheMongoose funnily replied to picado’s comment saying, “He slid out of her DMs (Dilated Macula) and into her heart.” The rabbit has shown people how to use its charm in the smoothest way possible. Irklord even asked if the trick could work on humans.

Aside from bunny relationship jokes, a Reddit user with the username elkwaffle explained the situation. This was a reply to the commenter who shared their experience with pet bunnies. The user shared that they had to separate male rabbits from the females; otherwise, they get humpy and violent. Elkwaffle informatively commented, “This is totally normal behavior in bonded bunnies; a bonded pair or group will groom regularly, with the dominant rabbit normally receiving the majority of the grooming.”

Photo: Pexels/lilartsy

“Excessive humping behaviour like you’ve described would be solved by getting them fixed (you should always get your rabbits spayed/neutered) and going through the correct bonding process. Rabbits hump for dominance as well as mating, as they have a firm hierarchical structure so need to establish who is in charge. Excessive humping will be either hormonal (fixed by spaying and neutering your rabbits) or territorial (fixed by going through the bonding process), likely both. You should never keep rabbits together who haven’t been fixed and properly bonded,” elkwaffle further explained.

The key to a lasting and harmonious rabbit bond is never forcing them onto each other. Everything must be done naturally — just like how smooth the male rabbit is on the Reddit video. If you are a bunny enthusiast, you might want to share your insights about rabbit romance. Meet your circle on Reddit, exchange comments, and build friendships just like the one between these rabbits.

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