The Moments When People Realized It’s Time to Quit Drinking Alcohol

Since centuries ago, beer, wine, spirits, and liquor have become a huge part of social practices. People indulge in their drink of choice for courage, to boost excitement, or feel free for a while. Almost all social gatherings serve liquor because it helps liven up the mood. The effects of alcohol can give you momentary bliss, which many people look for. Some treat drinks as an escape, while others consider alcohol only as an occasional beverage. Regardless of its qualities, people must take responsibility for how much they drink, especially when it turns into a weekly habit. There’s a thin line between indulgence and alcoholism.

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You must be self-aware of how alcohol affects your body because it can damage your health. Set boundaries for yourself when you notice that it’s becoming too much. Although you are not yet an alcoholic, there are other reasons to quit drinking liquor. Realizations will hit you as you grow older — you’ll suddenly reach a point where a weekly habit turns into occasional drinking. The changes you implore will gradually help you get used to having fun without booze.

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One way or another, you’ll quit drinking, and your reason might be one of the comments from a Redditor’s LPT post. Here are some of the responses below the post, “Making the choice to quit drinking doesn’t require you to be an ‘Alcoholic.'”

By Choice

Most of the answers in the comment section likened quitting to retiring. “I’ve got friends who haven’t quit but have rather retired from drinking. It’s a great way to state that you’ve chosen to no longer drink.” mtndew01 wrote. Perhaps quitting alcohol might have been a phase for them that they’ve outgrown. It’s something in the past that they would love to reminisce about but have no plans of going back to. Also, others mentioned how great it felt and that sometimes it’s the best reason to retire from indulging in alcohol.

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Say Goodbye to Bad Hangovers

“I cut way back once I needed an entire day to recover from drinks the night before. Now it’s birthdays and thanksgiving.” Sekmet19 commented. A hangover is not a delightful experience, especially with a splitting headache, upset stomach, and throwing up like there’s no tomorrow. As you get older, a hangover will be more challenging, and it will take days before you feel well again. Alcohol that indicates a bad hangover can mess up your schedule the day after. It doesn’t just affect your health but also your priorities.

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There’s No FOMO

Most people started drinking due to fear of missing out. Alcoholic beverages can make you feel like you belong in the crowd, and you become a more fun person when it’s in your system. However, you’ll realize that drinking was just enjoyable at first, and being a strong drinker doesn’t have to be a personality. Your attention would suddenly focus on something else — things more important in life. BestBodybuilder7329 answered, “Everyone always thinks I am a recovery alcoholic because I don’t drink. I did it in my 20’s, I partied with my friends, I had a blast. Now I have other things I need to focus on, and having my inhibitions lowered or an altered mental state is not really great for my current life. I don’t feel like I am missing anything, because I already did it.”

Alcohol may make a person feel alive, but it’s important to outgrow overindulgence. Retiring can be difficult for others, but you can gradually do it. You’ll realize that it’s more peaceful without the influence of alcohol. Your health starts to get better, you become mentally stable again, and you build more genuine relationships. A lot of people misunderstand the difference between quitting by choice from stopping due to alcoholism. The comments below OP’s post created a helpful discussion about the matter. Read their stories to learn more and motivate yourself to finally apply those changes to your lifestyle.

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