Puppy Attempts Her First “Quack Walk” On Family Farm

A little puppy got to experience his very first Quack Walk on her family’s farm and it’s too cute!

The puppy lives on the Scofflaw Farm in Cedar Hill, Tennessee, a cruelty-free, no-kill family farm.

Photo: YouTube/Scofflaw Farm

Every morning, the family enjoys a Quack Walk, a leisurely stroll around the farm. The animals follow their human and the dogs who lead the pack as they walk around grassy fields and take in the morning air.

When introducing a new animal to the mix, that animal has to learn the ropes. When a little Great Pyrenees pup named Glinda was welcomed onto the family farm, she had to get used to the routines and other animals.

Photo: YouTube/Scofflaw Farm
Photo: YouTube/Scofflaw Farm

In a sweet video, the farm shared little Glinda participating in her first Quack Walk.

The farm said, “This little buddy has unbelievable (shep)herding instincts.”

You can watch the video below to see for yourself:

Glinda seems to love her life on the farm and eagerly made friends with the resident goats: Cowgirl, Bonnie, and Clyde. The goats, however, took a little more time to warm up to her.

Thankfully, there’s an older Great Pyrenees on the farm that helps the goats feel more comfortable with their new puppy friend.

Glinda will have the ropes down in no time!

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