Woman Teaches Puppy How To ‘Whisper Bark’ For When They’re Inside

Having a dog is a joy, but it’s not something that comes without challenges. Dogs can be messy and require a lot of extra attention!

But something else about dogs is how loud they can be. If you’ve ever had a dog that barks a lot, you know just how much noise an animal can produce! It’s actually incredible how loud dogs can be for so long.

Dogs barking isn’t a problem for people without neighbors, but those in apartments or tight living spaces can face eviction if the barking becomes an issue.

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It’s a serious thing and something many companies and pet trainers have tried to combat. Some people use exercise, treat training, and re-direction to try to curb barking, while others go for shock collars and punishment.

It seems one pet owner has come up with an innovative solution to her dog’s barking by training her pup to use a “whisper bark.”

Photo: YouTube/Rumble Viral

According to Rumble Viral, the woman’s neighbors get “angry” over the little mutt’s barking.

Rather than trying to force her dog to stop barking altogether, she resolves to asking her dog to use a “whisper bark” instead. Much like we teach kids to use an indoor voice, this dog owner asked her dog to use an indoor bark – and it worked!

Photo: YouTube/Rumble Viral

In a video, you can see the owner asking the pup to use a whisper bark, but the dog replies with a regular, loud bark. The owner follows up by saying, “No. Quiet. Whisper,” and the dog successfully pulls off a quiet bark!

“Good job! That’s a better one,” the woman praises.

Watch the sweet moment in the video below:

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