Tiny Puppy Found Covered In Blood Can’t Stop Shivering Until Rescuers Step In To Help

When Animal Aid Unlimited in India heard about an injured puppy who was covered in blood, they knew they had to respond and fast.

Working in animal rescue is tough work, as you never know what you’re going to come across. When you’re faced with an injured puppy, it’s even more challenging.

Photo: Sidewalk Specials/YouTube

The rescue shared on YouTube that the puppy was “too hurt and too scared to move” when they arrived. He couldn’t stop shivering!

Rescuers named the puppy Banny and carefully scooped him up to get him the help he so desperately needed.

While they’re not sure what happened to little Banny before he was rescued, he somehow suffered head injures that caused swelling to his head.

Photo: Sidewalk Specials/YouTube

He was so traumatized from whatever had happened to him that he hardly responded when he was injected with medicine. He was lethargic and not interested in doing anything.

Rescuers helped Banny settle into a cozy crate where he could rest while they treated his wounds and treated him for infection.

Photo: Sidewalk Specials/YouTube

Thankfully, as the days passed, Banny’s swelling went down in his head and he started to recover. By day four, he was eating bites of food and rescuers began to have hope that he could make a true recovery.

Before long, he was even ready to play with the other dogs! Now, Banny is living his best puppy life. While he’s still got a little ways to go in terms of recovery, he loves running around and playing ball. When you look at him, he looks just like any other puppy!

You can see his rescue and recovery in the video below:

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