Puppy Protects Woman After She Seizes And Stops Breathing

It has been said that some people will have at least one seizure in their lifetime. Not all of them are epileptic seizures, but they can still be dangerous, nonetheless.

The woman in this story had such a seizure and she stopped breathing. After going “blue in the face,” Leeanne Reed was in bad shape. Fortunately, she had someone there to help.

Photo: TikTok/@moosethefoxred

According to the Milton Keynes Citizen, that someone was Moose, her nine-month-old puppy. He is a training assistance dog and a fox red labrador, so he is familiar with how to recognize seizures (and how to give doggy kisses).

Moose specializes in recognizing seizures, along with panic attacks, tic attacks, anxious episodes, and more. In addition to knowing how to recognize those problems, Moose can also act on them.

After Leanne started having a seizure, Moose jumped into action. He started licking her nose and face, trying to get her to breathe. It worked.

Photo: TikTok/@moosethefoxred

These types of seizures are not something out of the ordinary for 22-year-old Leanne. According to the outlet, she has them several times per day.

This particular seizure was described as being a “big one.” She said it lasted two or three minutes and she wasn’t breathing during that time.

After starting to come around, she was oxygen depleted and could barely see. The only thing she could see was Moose’s nose and face on top of hers.

Photo: TikTok/@moosethefoxred

Moose knows all the tricks, and Leanne taught him how to get her attention. She couldn’t afford a dog training service, so she trained him independently.

Moose took the ball and ran with it, learning exactly what to do when she had an episode. He will bump her leg with his snout and if she passes out, he will lay flat on her legs to help bring down her heart rate.

Photo: TikTok/@moosethefoxred

Moose knows how to handle many different medical issues. He also can bring her medicine or her phone, even fetching a bottle of water if necessary.

LeeAnn regularly posts videos on TikTok of her beloved dog helping her from day to day. You can check out her videos below:

@moosethefoxred my little superhero 🧡 #assistancedog #medicalalertdog #assistancedogintraining #seizurealertdog #adit #servicedog #servicedogintraining ♬ original sound – Emma & Abi Stuart

@moosethefoxred alerting to an anxiety attack. #assistancedog #medicalalertdog #assistancedogintraining #seizurealertdog #adit #servicedog #servicedogintraining #foxredlab ♬ original sound – EX7STENCE™

@moosethefoxred my little hero that HAS to come everywhere with me <3 #foxredlabrador #labradorpuppy #labsoftiktok #assistancedogintraining #servicedogintraining #assistancedog #adit #servicedog #sdit #seizurealertdog #potsalertdog #multipurposeassistancedog #multipurposeservicedog ♬ WRECKING BALL .. MOTHER MOTHER – michael 😼

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