My Puppy Is Not Eating and Nothing Appeals to His Appetite – What Do I Do?

If you have a puppy, this might be one of the problems that you’ve encountered while taking care of him the best way you can.

Why are there times a puppy just refuses to eat no matter what you offer him? It’s inconceivable.

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This is the problem that a dog owner named Candice shared with PetHelpful, hoping to get an answer through their Ask A Vet section.

“My 8-month-old dog has suddenly lost his appetite. He’s still active and does drink small amounts of water, but after having his morning meal, he started to be extremely lazy and just slept most of the day. When I gave him his second meal, he refused. I’m super worried about it. He’s my first pet. His name is Max, and he’s a pit bull,” she wrote.

Photo: YouTube/AnimalWised

In response, Dr. Mark dos Anjos explained that there many reasons why a dog refuses to eat. Most of the time, it’s just being picky, feeling stressed, or depressed. But this attitude is not very common among puppies; that’s why it’s important to know the cause behind the problem.

Here are ways to motivate a dog to eat:

  • Make some broth (beef, bone, or chicken without onions) and offer it to your puppy while warm.
  • Warm his canned food before serving.
  • You can also mix his dry feed with warmed canned food, if your puppy is used to dry feed.
  • Feed your puppy by hand, to which many dogs often respond since they are social animals.
Photo: YouTube/AnimalWised

But Dr. Mark also advised that if Candice has noticed any of the following signs or symptoms, it is best for her to take her puppy to the local vet because of possible illness:

  • vomiting with or without blood
  • picking up food but dropping it
  • diarrhea
  • constipation
  • disorientation
  • in pain and unable to move
  • slobbering more than normal
  • urinating more frequently
Photo: YouTube/AnimalWised

According to Dr. Mark, older dogs can survive without eating for 5 days. But since Max is just a puppy with fewer reserves of fat than an adult dog, Candice must find the cause of the problem quickly if his picky eating persists for several days.

Moreover, dog owners should immediately consult their local vets should their pets display signs or symptoms of distress.

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