What Do Dogs Dream About? Getting Adopted into a Home Full of Love!

Sunny Boy still remembers the day he first fell in love.

He did not know at that time what love means, but what he was aware of was the feeling of tenderness inside of him.

Photo: Tiktok/thelifeofsunnyboy

For some reason, he was feeling so secure and at peace that he wanted to sleep. He remembered yawning, but no one got turned off.

Arriving home, he still could not understand why being loved made him so sleepy. He could not stop himself from falling asleep, falling into even deeper sleep as he was being lovingly caressed.

And the most mysterious of all these happenings: in his sleep Sunny Boy could feel love beginning to blossom in his young heart. Shouldn’t he be awake, his eyes wide open so that his own feelings would show?

Photo: Tiktok/thelifeofsunnyboy

But he was simply allowed to sleep, to take his time in learning to return the affection.

At last, when Sunny Boy fully awakened, he was sure that he was also very much in love.

Yes, as a young puppy, he did not know much about the world of humans and of having an older dog for an adoptive brother. But their overflowing love for him was what assured Sunny Boy that he would have a most wonderful life with his new family.

Photo: Tiktok/thelifeofsunnyboy

Later, he did learn that the name of his older adoptive brother is Harley. Harley is like any other older brother, a bit stern and serious. But maybe because he’s growing mischievous, admits Sunny Boy.

However, Sunny Boy has a best friend who never complains. Someone he also met that first day. His dog stuffed toy, who sleeps with him ever since.

As for his new human family, he surely loves every one of them with all his heart and paws.

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