Curious German Shepherd Puppy Meets Mama Cat And Her Newborn Kittens

The relationship between pets living in the same home is something that’s hard to describe. It can be so special and even extend beyond species.

While cats and dogs are notorious enemies, anyone who has owned both in the same house knows they can be the best of friends.

Photo: YouTube/The Fluffiest

The adorable moment a little puppy was introduced to kittens was captured on video and shared for the world to see.

In the sweet video, you can see the little German Shepherd meeting the new mama cat with her tiny kittens. It was the first time the pup had met kittens and it went perfectly!

Photo: YouTube/The Fluffiest

The curious puppy sniffs the mama and her kittens. He even goes in for a sweet kiss!

The mama cat doesn’t seem too sure about the little puppy, but it’s not long before everyone rests easy together. The puppy gives the mama cat a little “boop” on her nose and it seems as if the two become fast friends in that moment.

Photo: YouTube/The Fluffiest

According to the American Kennel Club, German Shepherds “will be gentle family pets and steadfast guardians.” These kittens are really in the best of hands!

You can see their sweet interaction in the video below:

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