This Must Be Robin Hood’s Dog! Naughty Puppy Is So Fond of Stealing from His Human Mom

Come on, he’s your best friend — and yet he keeps on stealing your things!

We’re talking about our furry best friends who, we must admit, are mischievous by nature. They often make us smile and laugh with their funny behavior and antics. But there are times when they can cause us so much frustration, too.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

Like yesterday, when you couldn’t find your left shoe. You searched for it everywhere, but there was no trace of it. Who would steal a shoe?

No one else but your pooch. You finally found your shoe among the stuff he’s been hiding at the back of the house. It’s dirty, smelly, and — destroyed!

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

Your pooch chewed it, so fascinated by the texture of the leather and how it feels like one of his dog treats that’s made of hide.

How are you going to discipline this dog and make him stop stealing your belongings?

Actually, from your dog’s perspective, it’s you who has taken his property. The shoe was with his stuff, and you just took it away. That’s bad.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

This is an interesting fact that K9Anytime explained: “Stealing things is a very normal canine behavior. Dogs, especially adolescents, are naturally curious and will pick things up to see if they can eat them or play with them. Possession is ten-tenths of the law in the canine world, and it is actually us humans that are being extremely rude in dog language, attempting to snatch their treasures from them! This misunderstanding is what can turn normal doggy stealing into quite serious guarding behavior.”

See? You have to consider your dog’s point of view in situations that involve him. You’re not tolerating his frustrating habit, but what you can learn from it is to keep your valuable belongings away from the reach of your dog.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

Also, dogs and puppies often steal out of boredom. Offer them toys and activities that will stimulate their bodies and minds.

As for the puppy in this viral video, he seems to be a descendant of Robin Hood’s dog. So swift, skillful, and persevering. And the bigger he grows (is he really growing?), the bigger his bounty!

Watch and have a hearty laugh!

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