Someone Threw Away a Puppy, But He Was About to Get a Second Chance

Every dog deserves an opportunity to have a happy home. The unfortunate reality for far too many pets, however, is that they don’t find that happiness in life.

That was the case with the little puppy that was found in the garbage. People had called in to report that they were hearing ‘puppy screams,’ so rescuers went out to investigate.

Photos: YouTube / The Dodo

When they got there, they found the little puppy hiding in the garbage, and he was very frightened. At first, all he could do was shake, and they knew that he needed to have a better life.

Little Puppy Needs Help

When they first found the puppy, he was severely dehydrated and living without food. He was also covered with dirt, and they said he was one of the dirtiest dogs they had ever rescued.

Without the help of these rescuers, the little puppy probably wouldn’t have survived a week. They had to approach him slowly, and they were happy to see that he responded when they gave him food.

The next stop was the car, where they gave him water. They could tell that it was one of the first times he was ever in a car because he just continued to shake.

Photos: YouTube / The Dodo

It took about 2 1/2 hours, but the little puppy finally started to relax and eventually closed his eyes and fell asleep in their laps. They knew that they had done the right thing.

Starting to Come Out of His Shell

When it was time to finally clean him, they said he was one of the dirtiest puppies they had. Fortunately, he was well behaved, and, after getting dried off, he became more playful.

All this little puppy wanted to do was explore, and he began to wag his tail. Suddenly, this little puppy was completely different from the dog they found the day before.

After a trip to the veterinarian, which went very well, they were able to watch the puppy come out of his shell, and that’s exactly what happened. The vet said that he would naturally heal himself because he was still a puppy, and they were able to see it happen.

It’s beautiful when a little puppy like this gets rescued. Far too many of them live on the street, but with a helping hand, you can make a difference.

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