Brave Puppy Protects His Mama with a Menacing Baby Growl

Bravery is an attribute to be admired, especially in one so small as the puppy you’ll see in the video below. Protecting others is also an admirable thing to do – but what if there’s nothing to protect them from?

In the video, you’ll see an adorable black labrador retriever puppy protecting his mama by standing in front of her and growling his cute tiny baby growl. He even lets out a little bark. But what he’s protecting her from remains to be seen…the camera, perhaps? The look on his mother’s face clearly says she doesn’t understand what he’s trying to protect her from either.

Photo: Reddit/Thund3rbolt

But no matter what, he’s a brave boy.

This video was posted on Reddit, where commenters gushed over how precious the little pup was as he tried to guard his mama. Some posited that the pup seemed like he was playing or practicing his growl rather than actually meaning anything by it. Others just talked about how cute he is and praised him for protecting his mama so lovingly.

Pup being tough and protecting Momma
by u/Thund3rbolt in aww

“That’s a big bork for a little boi,” wrote ExternalObject8947.

XeAnDev chimed in, “Mom looking like, ‘Please have mercy on the child, for he knows not what he says.'”

“I love those little puppy growls so much!” wrote robo-dragon. “Such a brave tough pup!”

Redditor Jormungandra commented this from the pup’s point of view: “‘Mom, did you see that? I p r o t e c t e d you.'”

Photo: Reddit/Thund3rbolt

And Conscious-Break2193 totally called the poor pup’s bluff with this comment: “Pretending to be tough while mama is around.”

A few commenters wrote that this little dog’s growling won’t be so cute when he grows up, so it’s important to properly socialize puppies early and teach them to only growl at true threats. Never reward behavior that you don’t want your puppy to carry into adulthood. But for now, let’s just all enjoy this sweet baby moment and not worry too much about the future.

Photo: Reddit/Thund3rbolt

Can we also take a moment to appreciate those mama eyes? She obviously loves her owner so much and is tolerating her puppy’s odd behavior with such motherly patience. What a sweet girl.

Ah, dogs. What did we ever do to deserve them?

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