Puppy Caught Red-Handed Ripping Up Bed On Family’s Security Camera

A blue Italian greyhound puppy was caught red-handed ripping his bed to shreds while his parents were away and his reaction is priceless.

The now two-year-old puppy, Arlo, was home alone and he didn’t realize anyone was watching.

As caught on video, the pup began tearing into his doggy bed and throwing stuffing everywhere!

Photo: Instagram/@arlo_the_iggy

Arlo was so into what he was doing, he didn’t realize his owners were secretly watching him from the family’s security camera system.

Suddenly, one of Arlo’s owners, Garry, shouted through the camera, “Hey!” and the dog immediately stopped what he was doing and frozen.

Photo: Instagram/@arlo_the_iggy

Arlo was so shocked he was caught that he didn’t know how to respond! After the shock wore off, he casually moved to the couch to pretend nothing had happened. Clever pup!

Arlo’s owners shared the moment on Instagram, captioning the post:

“This wee bum decided to dig and rip his bed yesterday! Garry shouted at him on the camera and his reaction is priceless. this was a long time coming as he had been digging this for months!”

Photo: Instagram/@arlo_the_iggy

They added that they have a “New hard bed on order, haha!”

Check out the video below:

You can see more of Arlo on Instagram, @arlo_the_iggy.

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