Animal EMT Rescues Puppy Trapped In Car Axle

A puppy trapped in a car axle not only managed to be rescued but she went on to find a loving forever home.

The 14-week-old puppy named Gracie was running for her life when she managed to wedge herself into the axle of a car.

Photo: Pexels/Matheus Bertelli

The Arizona Humane Society shared about Gracie on Facebook, explaining that she’d “wedged her way on top of the rear axle of the undercarriage of a car after being chased by two large dogs.”

Thankfully, Dan, an AHS Emergency Animal Medical Technician, was able to coax her out and Gracie was so grateful!

AHS shared in the post, “As soon as Dan was able to safely coax her out of the vehicle with a little wet food and a lot of patience, she repaid him immediately with snuggles!”

They added that Gracie was found to be ” in good health and only needed basic veterinary care, like a spay surgery, vaccines, and a microchip.”

AHS quickly got Gracie ready for adoption and it was only a matter of days until a family stepped up to offer her a loving forever home.

She’s now living her best life with a family that wants nothing but the best for her and that’s a beautiful thing.

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