Goldendoodle Puppy Brings His Mom The Stinkiest Gift

If you’re like most dog owners, you love giving gifts to your dog. You make sure that they have everything that they need and sometimes, you may even bring them a surprise home from the store.

It seems as if our dogs want to do something similar, but they have to improvise by bringing up something from their world.

That is what the four-month-old goldendoodle in this video is doing.

Photo: YouTube/Ring

As a goldendoodle puppy, she is absolutely adorable. Like any dog, she is also able to get away with practically anything, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that mom is going to be happy with every surprise she gets.

In describing Gingersnap, her human mom, Heather, said that she is “very grabby with her mouth and very much a “retriever,” according to Ring.

Photo: YouTube/Ring

She will bring almost anything into the home as a surprise to mom, including dryer sheets, trash, and leaves. Perhaps that is why Heather should not have been surprised when Gingersnap brought her a special surprise one day.

She was carrying it in her mouth and mom didn’t realize what was taking place until Gingersnap was inside. Fortunately, it was all caught on the Ring doorbell video.

Photo: YouTube/Ring

Heather said: “You can hear me on the video inside the house when I realized what she had done and was desperately trying to get her to put it down and not rip it open inside.”

Fortunately, the poop bag was retrieved before it made a big mess and put back outside. They then all had a good laugh when the video was reviewed.

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