Pit Bull Puppy Needs Surgery To Regain Mobility After Hit And Run

Update: Thanks to your donations, Baylie received the necessary surgery and is on the road to recovery. The playful pup can finally walk and will soon run again without pain. The shelter and Baylie send their thanks, “Because of your support, Baylie now has a second chance at a full life of running and play!”

Puppies are meant to run and play but little Baylie experiences pain every time she walks after being hit by a car in New Orleans. However, she isn’t letting it stop her from living life to the fullest.

Baylie survived a hit and run accident when she was 10 weeks old but will need surgery to regain mobility.

She left an overcrowded shelter in New Orleans and headed to New Jersey on a Greater Good Charities Good Flight to get the help she needs. A Pathway to Hope took her in and found her a loving foster home.

Photo: A Pathway to Hope

The sweet pit bull/boxer mix remains in good spirits while on crate rest but desperately wants to run and play.

The rescue made an appointment for Baylie to see an orthopedist who confirmed through X-rays that the pup has a fractured and luxated leg and would need surgery to repair it.

Photo: A Pathway to Hope

“Baylie is currently at the vet hospital, awaiting FHO surgery, and we need your support to make that possible. Baylie’s hip has been found to be fully displaced (out of socket) after being hit by a car as a small puppy, left to suffer. Baylie’s incredible disposition hides the pain she has endured. She cannot live this way permanently. Surgery has been estimated at $3,500,” wrote the rescue.

Greater Good Charities’ Emergency Animal Care Fund was started to help dogs like Baylie. Every day homeless pets arrive at shelters in need of emergency surgery or care and shelters are unable to afford the medical expenses on their limited budgets.

Photo: A Pathway to Hope

You can help sweet Baylie recover from this traumatic injury. Your support will not only give Baylie hope to keep fighting, but your donation to the Emergency Animal Care Fund will help cover her costly surgery and the ongoing care she will need.

Help us raise $3,500 so Baylie can run and play again!

With your help, we can ensure that more animals who are suffering receive the treatment they need. 100% of your donation will go towards saving dogs like Baylie.

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