Meet Pumuckel, The World’s Smallest Pony

When most people think of horses or ponies, they picture majestic animals that tower over their handlers. But some ponies can be quite small, especially Shetland ponies.

Just take Pumuckel, for example.

He’s a Shetland pony who lives with Carola Weidemann in Western Germany. Unlike most Shetland ponies, though, Pumuckel isn’t a large animal. In fact, he’s quite small – likely the smallest pony in the whole world!

Pumuckel measures just 50 centimeters (a little over 19 inches) in height and weighs 35 kilos (77 pounds). According to the UK’s Shetland Pony Club, a small Shetland pony should weigh around 120kg (264lb), so Pumuckel is significantly smaller than average.

Pumuckel uses his compact size to his advantage and works as a therapy pony for adults and children. You can see his work on Instagram, where he has over 1,000 followers!

According to the BBC, Carola hopes that Pumuckel will receive official recognition by Guinness World Records but he has to wait until he reaches the age of four to qualify for the title.

The current title holder for the world’s smallest pony is a miniature Appaloosa named Bombel from Poland. Bombel stands 56.7 cm tall, meaning Pumuckel is nearly 7cm shorter.

While Pumuckel is the smallest pony, he’ll have to wait until he reaches the proper age to be officially recognized with the title.

Check out the video below:

You can see more of Pumuckel on Instagram, @pumuckel_w.

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