Pumpkin The Cat Attempts To Hide Under Bath Mats And Bags To Spy On His Family

Cats are such cute animals, but they’re more than just adorable faces and tiny toe beans. They also possess quite impressive skills such as agility and stealth.

But that isn’t exactly every cat’s forte. Some cats are clumsy, while others are not as covert as they think they’re being.

Photo: flickr/Chiara Coetzee

One adorable orange kitty named Pumpkin is definitely in the latter category. This fine feline thinks he’s the master of secrecy, but he’s not. Still, his owners love him anyways – especially since he still tries his best to fly under the radar.

This cute guy likes to try hiding beneath any household item that he can find. He usually hides under things like tote bags, towels, or bathmats, but he’s not picky. In reality, he is willing to hide underneath anything that is big enough to “hide” him. Of course, he’s not as smooth as he thinks.

Photo: TikTok/@pumpkinnwaffles

As his owner, Hannah Dordick, shared with The Dodo, “I believe he thinks if he’s under them you can’t see him. Other than that, my guess is that he is just a weirdo.”

She has described Pumpkin as being a “nutball,” but also added that he is also the “sweetest little man.” She said that he is quite the little snuggle bug, and he’s quite affectionate with his family.

Photo: TikTok/@pumpkinnwaffles

Hannah also added that “Adopting Pumpkin put the light back into my life. His love and snuggles made everything better.”

Check out the videos below:

@pumpkinnwaffles He has a bath mat obsession #kittensoftiktok #sillycats #kittenoftiktok #weirdcats #rescuecat ♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

@pumpkinnwaffles The bag of invisibility #catsoftiktok #cutecats #orangecat #gingercat #orangecatenergy #sillycats ♬ Harry Potter – The Intermezzo Orchestra

What do you think of little Pumpkin’s attempts at hiding? Does your cat fail at the hiding game too? Let us know!

You can keep up with Pumpkin and his family on TikTok, @pumpkinnwaffles.

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